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Estonians in America: 1945 - 1995

The EANC (Estonian American National Committee) can now accept pre-orders for “Estonians in America,1945-1995: Exiles in a Land of Promise,” the history of Estonians in the United States from the time of the World War II. The hard-cover book will have over 500 pages, and will provide details and photos on the history and activities of Estonian refugees, and their descendants, who came to the U.S. after Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union.

Editor Priit Vesilind has built on the manuscript originally prepared by Mr. Enn Kõiva, with contributions by many other individuals. Mr. Vesilind, currently a freelance writer, is a former senior writer and photojournalist for National Geographic magazine.

“Estonians in America, 1945-1995: Exiles in a Land of Promise,” is slated for publication in November 2016. Initial quantities will be limited, and will be partially determined by the number of pre-orders. The pre-order cost is $75.00 plus $7.50 for shipping and handling. Please use the form below to reserve your copies.

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